From Lemonade to Sweet Corn


In the summer of 2016 we told you about Hudson and Bennett running a lemonade stand, out of which they decided to give their proceeds to help others who were hungry.

corny-boys-8This summer they grew sweet corn at their “Papa’s” farm just north of Ponca City. The boys helped with the corn harvest themselves and donated a large part of the proceeds to the Food Bank.

With their parent’s guidance, these children are learning valuable lessons of concern for others and taking action to help. Thank you Hudson and Bennett for your concern; we are pleased to see that you are continuing your commitment of helping others.

Your gleaning can help others too. The Food Bank accepts donations from farmers and gardeners year-round, with the added bonus that your gift of food is tax-deductible. If you have produce to donate contact Ken Bacon at 918-936-4522 or