Network E-News – July 3, 2013

Ask Joanne
Q: We did not receive everything we ordered. What should we do?

A: First, inspect your order as you are loading it. When you pick up an order, you are given an invoice/work ticket listing the items in order. Check off the items as you load them, verifying you received the correct number of cases of the correct products. Your signature on this invoice/work ticket verifies that your order was correct as received and any adjustments were noted before you left.

When you return to your program site and unload the order, another staff person or volunteer at your agency should double check your invoice/work ticket against the items delivered. This person then signs the invoice/work ticket to verify that the order is correct as received at the facility. This second signature is a safeguard for your program and is a required part of your record keeping. The volunteer who makes the biennial monitor visit to your program will check to see your invoices are counter-signed and on file (You are to keep these records for at least four years.).

If you find a mislabeled or damaged product, it is very important that you call Ron Moton at the Food Bank at 918-936-4519 to report it.