Using the new monthly report

The monthly report is now accessible on the Agency Express website, the same online system where your program orders food.

1)      You must be an authorized online shopper to access Agency Express, where the monthly reports are located. If you are not authorized, contact Joanne at 918-936-4513 or

2)      Next, log in to Agency Express using the username, password and program code assigned to you when you became an authorized shopper. Once you log in to the site, you will go straight to “Food Bank Links.”

3)      After clicking on this tab, options for reports based on the corresponding month and your program type will appear. Open the report you need to complete, fill it out and hit submit. Make sure to open the correct report and if you have a pantry and an onsite, you must complete two reports each month.

Important! When you fill out the report, your Program ID is the 5 digit Agency Number, a dash, and then your 2 digit Program Code. Example: 12345-01.

Monthly Report

Contact Joanne at 918-936-4513 or with any questions.