Corporate Food Donations

Don’t Throw Away Your Chance to Help Oklahoma’s Hungry!donatefood

Almost 90% of the food we distribute is donated by local and national food manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, growers, restaurants and caterers. No matter how large or small the donation, these companies are saving money and eliminating waste by donating their surplus and imperfect, yet edible, products to the Food Bank.

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma serves as a “one-stop” donation center.  One call to the Food Bank handles all your donation needs ranging from one case to a semi-trailer load.

For more information on donating food, contact Ken Bacon, Donor Relations Manager at 918-936-4522 or For more information, download our Donor Kit.

Though donating food helps those in need, there are many sound business reasons to donate food or non-food items to the Food Bank.

Why Donate Your Product:
–  Provides potential tax benefits
–  Reduces transportation costs
–  Frees up warehouse space
–  Ensures proper food handling
–  Provides liability protection (see below)
–  Reduces disposal costs
–  Increases employee morale
–  It’s a good thing to do!

Product to Consider Donating:
–  Obsolete or discontinued items
–  Partial cases
–  Slow moving items
–  Improperly rotated product
–  Package changes
–  Reformulations
–  Product samples
–  Close dated product
–  Customer turndowns
–  Unlabeled or mislabeled items
–  Products with cosmetic or production errors
–  Perishable product beyond retail sales that will not affect safe consumption

Food Bank Capabilities:
Our 78,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility is equipped to receive, inventory, store, transport and distribute dry, frozen and refrigerated food and other grocery products.  Our facility includes:
–  2,080 pallet spaces of dry storage
–  288 pallet spaces of -10° frozen storage
–  288 pallet spaces of refrigerated storage
–  Temperature-controlled dock area
–  Computerized inventory control system
–  Refrigerated trucks
–  Accurate and complete receipt documentation for tax purposes
–  Adherence to state and local Health Department guidelines
–  Quarterly inspections by Tulsa City County Health Department