Mobile Eateries provide Nourishing Meals during Spring Break

Spring Break 8While most children count down the days to vacation, students who live in low-income households anxiously count the numbers of meals they’ll miss when they can’t get access to free meals at school.

To make sure the only issue underserved children have to only worry about is how they’ll spend their time off, the Food Bank’s Mobile Eatery uses innovative ways to bring meals to children in need.

Extended breaks from school put families struggling to make ends meet in an even more difficult position. Without access to free and reduced school meals, further strain is added to families that are already struggling to put food on the table. For many, these vacations mean increased food and utility costs as they care for children at home.

One in four Oklahoma children go to bed worried about where they will get their next meal. For that reason, the Food Bank’s two Mobile Eateries went to three locations daily over Spring Break, providing over 1,800 free breakfasts and lunches to students and families in need.

We are grateful for the Food Bank’s culinary team who prepared many of the meals for the students, and for our corporate partner, Quik Trip, who also donated meals to the program.

The Culinary Center works to extend the shelf-life of perishable food by preparing nutritious meals that can be frozen and later distributed into the community. The Mobile Eateries increase their feeding programs for students out of school during the spring, summer, fall and winter breaks.